Japanese Tea from Shizuoka

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This homepage is to introduce green tea, including Chasho special tea production, how to serve and drink green tea, and the history and culture of Shizuoka as the tea distribution center of Japan. Please take your time and enjoy reading it.
Jun 3, 2011
In the earthquake of 3.11, Thank you for your support over the weekend from all over the world.
We continue to radioactivity inspection of tea.
As a result, the radioactivity was not detected.
October 15, 2010
The homepage of tea in Shizuoka started.
October 15, 2010
19th in October.We do the event of tea in Shizuoka for the 16th in Europe.
Shizuoka tea How to Brewing Chasho's role The Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Movie
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